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Beta Glucan

Beta-Glucan is a bioactive carbohydrate derived from the cell wall of Saccharomyces cerevisiae, commonly known as Bakers' yeast. Research has shown that Beta-Glucan supports healthy immune functioning through its ability to stimulate macrophage activity. Beta Glucan is considered an external immunomodulator. External immunomodulators are substances that have been shown to modify the immune systems response to a threat upon it.

It is an all-natural, food source derived dietary supplement which modulates and potentates the macrophage (white blood cells), keeping them in a highly prepared state for any threat our immune system may encounter. With this balancing effect, all subsequent immune responses improve. When your immune system is in this highly prepared state, the invading organisms do not have the time to build up force and strength before the immune system attacks, destroys and/or weakens the invader.

Beta Glucan 1,3 1,6 is Perhaps the Greatest Immune Enhancing Supplement Known to Mankind. Beta Glucan is unknown to a majority of the general public. Many health researchers consider it to be one of the most effective immune enhancing substances ever discovered.

Beta Glucan has over 1,600 general research papers ranging across 40 years. A majority of this health related research has been completed at the most prestigious institutions in the world, including Harvard Medical School, the National Cancer Institute, the Department of Defense and Department of Agriculture. These studies have been performed on literally every health condition and disease known to humanity. Time and time again Beta Glucan has proven to be second to none. It has also shown to provide beneficial effects as a sports nutritional supplement; bodybuilders and power lifters also use Beta Glucan to help their bodies recover from workouts faster.

Beta Glucan immune boosting supplements can help to strengthen your immune system and lower cholesterol naturally. Formulated from the cell walls of Baker’s yeast, Beta Glucan is a powerful source of soluble fiber with numerous health benefits. Proven to activate the macrophage cells that stimulate immune system performance, Beta Glucan improves immunity and helps your body combat viruses, bacterial infections, and parasites more effectively.

You can use Beta Glucan 1,3 1,6  to help maintain healthy cholesterol levels and reduce your risk of heart disease. All natural, safe, Beta Glucan controls cholesterol without the harmful side effects of prescription statin drugs.

Best Selling Beta Glucan

NRx_Beta_Glucan_250mg_120caps.jpg NutraCeuticsRx Beta Glucan WGP 95% - 250mg 120 Caps
$99.90 $49.95 Our Price

NRx Premium Beta Glucan WGP is a highly purified form of Beta Glucan.!


NutraceuticsRx Beta Glucan WGP 95% 500mg 60 Caps
$99.90 $49.95 Our Price

NRx Premium Beta Glucan WGP is a highly purified form of Beta Glucan.!


LB Life Source Basics Beta Glucan 250mg 60 count
$49.99 $39.99 Our Price
LB250 Quantity   
LB Life Source Basics Beta Glucan 500mg 60 caps
$69.99 $55.99 Our Price
LB500 Quantity   
IMBeta7.5.JPG Immudyne Macroforce 7.5 plus C - 60 Count
$69.95 $38.95 Our Price
IMBeta7.5 Quantity   
Source Naturals Beta Glucan 30 caps 100 mg
$19.50 $9.95 Our Price
SN1758 Quantity   
Source Naturals Beta Glucan 30 tabs 250 mg
$34.98 $17.84 Our Price
SN1574 Quantity   
Source Naturals Beta Glucan 60 caps 100 mg
$36.98 $18.86 Our Price
SN1759 Quantity   
Source Naturals Beta Glucan 60 tabs 250 mg
$67.98 $34.67 Our Price
SN1575 Quantity   
Now Foods Beta Glucan 100 mg 90 Vcaps
$14.99 $8.24 Our Price
NF3054 Quantity   
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