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Ellagic Acid Supplements

Ellagic acid is an antioxidant found in a number of fruits and vegetables & fruit which include;  raspberries, strawberries, cranberries, walnuts, pecans, pomegranates and other plant foods. The highest levels of ellagic acid are found in  Galla Chinensis, raspberries, strawberries, and pomegranates. Galla Chinensis has the highest concentrations of Ellagic acid and it contains concentrations of 50% Ellagic Acid.

Plants produce ellagic acid and glucose that combine to form ellagitannins, which are water soluble compounds that are easier for humans to absorb into their diets.

Ellagic acid is a primary constituent of several tannin bearing plants which produce the category of tannins known as Gallotannins. These, when hydrolised by water give rise to ellagic acid and gallic acid.

Studies:Ellagic acid
Ellagic acid was previously studied in the 1960s mainly for its effects on blood clotting. Published research on ellagic acid appeared in the early 1970s. First true studies began in early 1990. However, folklore remedies involving phytochemical extracts have been around for centuries.

The Hollings Cancer Institute at the University of South Carolina has conducted a double blind study on a group of 500 cervical cancer patients that attracted a lot of attention. Nine years of study have shown that ellagic acid is causing G-arrest within 48 hours (inhibiting and stopping mitosis - cancer cell division), and apoptosis (normal cell death) within 72 hours, for breast, pancreas, esophageal, skin, colon and prostate cancer cells. [1,2]

Other non-referenced studies come from: College of Medicine, University of Illinois Northwestern University School of Medicine Department of Preventive Medicine, Ohio State University.


NutraceuticsRx Uses 100% pure natural Chinese Gall Fruit utilizing the ultra- low-temperature squeezing technology to extract the Ellagic Acid from the gall fruit and can preserve the nutrient composition and the activity of Galla Chinensis Fruit. Our Galla Chinensis Fruit Extract is standardized to contain more than 90% Ellagic Acid.

Other investigations and research, both in the United States and in Europe, found that daily consumption of Ellagic Acid also had positive responses in:

- reduction of perodontal disease - protection of the liver from toxic injury
- promotion of liver regeneration - promotion of faster wound healing
- reduction of radiation induced chromosomal damage - slowing the spread of the HIV virus in humans!
- slowing the degenerative process of aging - prevention of neural tube birth defects
- reduction of neurodegenerative diseases - reduction of diabetic retinopathy

For more information visit:

(1). - the free encyclopedia
(2). Ellagic Acid & Cervical Cancer.
The Hollings Cancer Institute at the University of South Carolina Retrieved on 2006-05-17.


Best Selling Ellagic Acid Supplements

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