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NOW Foods Low Carb Foods Category

By Neil Levin, CCN, October, 2003

Peter and Debbie started on a Low-Carb Lifestyle in mid-January 2003. In the next seven months Debbie lost 47 pounds and Peter lost 28 pounds. How did they do this?

They avoid sugar; including soda pops, candy and sugary desserts. They also avoid most starchy foods; including carrots, potatoes, corn, bread and most grains. Fried foods are also out. Peter and Debbie do eat a lot of cheese, eggs, meat, vegetables, whole-grain oatmeal, and low-sugar fruits. They supplement these staples with Low-Carb products by Atkins, Biochem, Natural Ovens and Think Thin. Please note that the bulk of their diet consists of fresh foods, not the packaged foods found in the interior of every grocery store. There are some other cautions required for this diet.

In most low-carb diets there is an initial period of very low carb intake, followed by a maintenance period with moderate carbs. This is an important note, as the brain operates on carbs as its main fuel source. A prolonged, extreme reduction in carbs may result in various side effects like irritability, insomnia, loss of short-term memory, etc.

All calories are not created equal. Calories that increase your blood sugar are the most important to control. Forbidden are carbs (carbohydrates) from refined sugars like white sugars and corn syrups. Avoid most white flours, potatoes and starchy grains like white rice. When you do have grains you are wise to choose organically grown whole grains. These are rich in fiber and oils that will help to maintain lean body mass and help assure regularity of the bowels. Whole grains raise blood sugar less than refined grains. Also, whole cooked or sprouted grains raise blood sugar less than the same grains after they are ground into flour. So white rice flour is far less desirable than whole brown rice.

Best Selling NOW Foods Low Carb Foods Category

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Now Foods Fermented Soy Powder 1 lb
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Now Foods Flax Seed Meal 18 oz
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Now Foods Flax Seed Meal Organic 12 oz
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Now Foods Flax Seed Organic 1 lb
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Now Foods Gluten Flour 1 lb
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Now Foods Golden Flax Meal 18 oz
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Now Foods Golden Flax Seed Meal 12 oz
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Now Foods Golden Flax Seeds 16 oz
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Now Foods Lecithin fine granules 1lb
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Now Foods Lecithin Granules 8 oz
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Now Foods Lecithin Granules 1 lb
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