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Aromatherapy Products

American Nutrition has a large selection of Aromatherapy products. Aromatherapy is the science of using fragrances and essential from plants to help alter mood and other medical disorders.  Although the term aromatherapy evolved recently the use of essential oils dates back thousands of years. There has been an increase in use of aromatherapy products recently due to the popularity of alternative medicine.

American Nutrition has a fast turnaround of our aromatherapy products which insures you will purchase the freshest aramatherapy products available.

Best Selling Aromatherapy Products

Bach-Flower-Essence-Mimulus-20ml-BA0073.jpg Bach Flower Essence Mimulus 20ml
$15.75 $9.50 Our Price
Mimulus is the remedy for known fears.
Bach-Flower-Essence-Mustard-20ml-BA0074.jpg Bach Flower Essence Mustard 20ml
$15.75 $9.50 Our Price
Mustard is the remedy for deep gloom and depression that descends for no apparent reason out of a clear blue sky.
Bach-Flower-Essence-Oak-20ml-BA0075.jpg Bach Flower Remedies Oak Essence Oil 20ml
$15.75 $9.50 Our Price
Oak is the remedy for strong, steady people who never give up under adversity.
Bach-Flower-Essence-Olive-20ml-BA0076.jpg Bach Flower Essence Olive 20ml
$15.75 $9.50 Our Price
Olive is the remedy for tiredness and exhaustion after an effort of some kind, such as hard physical or mental labour, or the long struggle against illness.
Bach-Flower-Essence-Pine-20ml-BA0077.jpg Bach Flower Essence Pine 20ml
$17.50 $9.50 Our Price
Pine is for people who blame themselves for something. They may even claim responsibility for mistakes made by others.
Bach-Flower-Essence-Red-Chestnut-20ml-BA0078.jpg Bach Flower Essence Red Chestnut 20ml
$15.75 $9.50 Our Price
Red Chestnut is for people who feel fear for the well-being of others.
Bach-Flower-Essence-Rock-Rose-20ml-BA0079.jpg Bach Flower Essence Rock Rose 20ml
$15.75 $9.50 Our Price
Rock Rose the remedy provides calm and courage. We are able to forget fear as our courage is renewed.
Bach-Flower-Essence-Rock-Water-20ml-BA0080.jpg Bach Flower Essence Rock Water 20ml
$15.75 $9.50 Our Price
Rock Water is the remedy for people who take self-repression and self-denial to extremes.
Bach-Flower-Essence-Sweet-Chestnut-20ml-BA0083.jpg Bach Flower Essence Scleranthus 20ml
$15.75 $9.50 Our Price
Scleranthus is the remedy for people who find it difficult to make up their minds.
Bach-Flower-Essence-Star-of-Bethlehem-20ml-BA0083.jpg Bach Flower Essence Star of Bethlehem 20ml
$15.75 $9.50 Our Price
Star of Bethlehem is the remedy for the after-effects of shock, such as is caused by unexpected bad news or any unexpected and unwelcome event.
Bach-Flower-Essence-Sweet-Chestnut-20ml-BA0083.jpg Bach Flower Essence Sweet Chestnut 20ml
$15.75 $9.50 Our Price
Sweet Chestnut is the remedy for people who have reached the limits of endurance.
Bach-Flower-Essence-Vervain-20ml-BA0084.jpg Bach Flower Essence Vervain 20ml
$15.75 $9.50 Our Price
Vervain people are perfectionists with a keen sense of justice.
Bach-Flower-Essence-Vine-20ml-BA0085.jpg Bach Flower Essence Vine 20ml
$15.75 $9.50 Our Price
Vine is for people who know their own minds and think they know what is best for others.
Bach-Flower-Essence-Walnut-20ml-BA0086.jpg Bach Flower Essence Walnut 20ml
$15.75 $9.50 Our Price
Walnut is the remedy to help protect us against outside influences in general, and against the effects of change in particular.
Bach-Flower-Essence-Water-Violet-20ml-BA0087.jpg Bach Flower Essence Water Violet 20ml
$15.75 $9.50 Our Price
Water Violet is the remedy for those talented, capable people whose independence and self-reliance can make them seem proud and disdainful.
Bach-Flower-Essence-White-Chestnut-20ml-BA0088.jpg Bach Flower Essence White Chestnut 20ml
$15.75 $9.50 Our Price
White Chestnut is the remedy for unwanted thoughts and mental arguments that intrude into the mind and stop us concentrating.
Bach-Flower-Essence-Wild-Oat-20ml-BA0089.jpg Bach Flower Essence Wild Oat 20ml
$15.75 $9.50 Our Price
Wild Oat is the remedy for people who feel they want to do something worthwhile with their lives but don't know which direction to go.
Bach-Flower-Essence-Wild-Rose-20ml-BA0090.jpg Bach Flower Essence Wild Rose 20ml
$15.75 $9.50 Our Price
Wild Rose is for people who have accepted all that life throws at them and have given up the struggle for fulfilment.
Bach-Flower-Essence-Willow-20ml-BA0091.jpg Bach Flower Essence Willow 20ml
$15.75 $9.50 Our Price
Willow is for people who feel resentful and bitter about the way their lives have gone.
Bach-Flower-Essence-Emotional-Eating-Support-Kit-3-10ml-BA0112.jpg Bach Flower Essences Emotional Eating Support Kit 3-10ml
$23.95 $15.56 Our Price
Emotional Eating Support Kit is a set of three 10 ml bottles of natural flower remedies.
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