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Naturally Vitamins Medizym Systemic Enzyme Formula 200 Tablets

$44.95 $28.95 Our Price

Naturally Vitamins Medizym Systemic Enzyme Formula 200 Tablets

Systemic enzymes, or proteolytic systemic oral enzymes like Medizym«, are involved in almost every metabolic process in the human body, especially helping the human body to maintain healthy inflammation and immune activity levels.

Many people use proteolytic systemic oral enzymes or PSOEs as non-drug all-natural and safe support to protect all organs of the body, including skin, kidneys, and liver, from scarring.

Enzymes seem to help maintain normal growth factor activities, too. When these activity levels rise, so do scarring and fibrosis. Studies show proteolytic systemic oral enzymes reduce levels of transforming growth factor-beta.

More than 1000 experimental and clinical studies on proteolytic systemic oral enzymes show that they offer remarkable health benefits. In Europe, where enzymes are sold as over the counter preparations in pharmacies, doctors prescribe them to people who are seeking to support their freedom from inflammatory maladies, like arthritis. People take them to maintain a healthy heart, to protect their liver and kidneys from scarring, to keep their joints' inflammation low normal; to lower their risk for inflammation-linked conditions affecting the heart, kidneys, and liver. Women frequently use PSOEs to maintain healthy breasts since some conditions are mediated by inflammatory markers. Many more millions of people, including thousands of the world's greatest athletes, especially in Europe, use these systemic miracles for sports injuries and to support training, since they support normal rapid healing and less scarring. So their benefits are truly diverse and well supported by published studies in both the United States and Europe.

Enzymes are proteins in living organisms that catalyze most chemical reactions or even permit reactions that otherwise would not happen, while the enzymes themselves end up unchanged. Enzymes therefore are catalysts and can act repeatedly doing the same thing.

Enzymes are responsible for every bodily function. Even thinking requires enzymes. All living organisms (bacteria, fungi, plants, animals) manufacture high amounts of different enzymes. There are two primary classes of enzymes: metabolic and digestive.

In the United States Medizym is regulated as a dietary supplement and no claims to cure, treat, or diagnose diseases are allowed. However, other related formulas have obtained orphan drug status from the Food and Drug Administration for the treatment of multiple myeloma patients since clinical studies its ability to prolong survival. In addition, Phlogenzym has been studied versus NSAIDs among arthritis patients with excellent results and these presented at conferences. Thus, in the United States, enzymes are indeed recognized as an actual treatment

In Europe, enzymes have been used in many clinical trials and is sold as a type of "drug" in pharmacies, in fact second only to aspirin in terms of sales there. But, again, this is not a drug. Think of Medizym as healthy support in addition to what your treating doctor might recommend. That's really how it is often best used.

I mentioned earlier since the 1950s, more than 700 clinical trials have been performed on enzymes that have shown them to be truly a preventive medicine of the future. Some of the really interesting areas for modern health include osteoarthritis, sport injuries and as healthy support for diabetes, endometriosis, prostatitis, shingles, and dental surgery.

Metabolic enzymes are responsible for the structuring, repair and remodeling of every cell and tissue. The body is stressed to supply sufficient enzymes for optimal health.

Digestive enzymes function as biological catalysts in our food, helping to break down protein (proteinases), carbohydrates (amylases) and fats (lipases).

Medizym contains proteases, which refers to a group of enzymes whose catalytic function is to hydrolyze (breakdown) peptide bonds of proteins. They are also called proteolytic enzymes or proteinases. Examples of proteases include: bromelain, chymotrypsin, lumbrokinase, nattokinase, papain, pepsin, Seaprose, trypsin, serrapeptidase, or subtilisin. Raw and fermented foods like honey, vegetables, fruits and yogurt provide proteolytic enzymes, which may be absorbed internally.

One of the key enzymes in Medizym is bromelain, derived from the pineapple plant. Known as Ananas comosus, bromelain is a proteolytic enzyme which has been known chemically since 1876. Pineapple has been used as a medicinal plant in several native cultures. The pineapple plant is shown to contain distinct cystein proteinases. Two major proteinases present in extracts of the plant are, the stem bromelain found in the stem and the fruit bromelain found in the fruit. Two additional cystein proteinases are only in the stem: ananain and comosain. Stem bromelain, fruit bromelain and ananain are immunologically distinct.


Papain is a mixture of proteolytic enzymes (protein cleaving enzymes) derived from the juice of the unripe fruit of the tropical plant Carica papaya, commonly known as Papaya.

Trypsin and Chymotrypsin
Trypsin, chymotrypsin and the enzyme mixture pancreatin are actual pancreatic-sourced enzymes that are porcine and calf derived.

Also known as rutosid, quercetin-3-rutinoside or sophorin, rutin is a citrus bioflavonoid found in buckwheat and the fruit of the Fava D'Anta tree from Brazil and other sources. In Medizym, rutin is of Sophora japonica origin. Rutin strengthens the capillaries, and therefore can reduce the symptoms of hemophilia. It also may help to prevent a common unpleasant-looking venous edema of the legs. Rutin, as ferulic acid, can reduce the cytotoxicity of oxidized LDL cholesterol and lower the risk of heart disease. Unofficially, the major researchers involved with Medizym consider rutin to be a synergist to the other enzymes, perhaps improving systemic circulation and helping them to reach their target sites, playing a synergizing role.

Inflammation Oriented for Modern Health Challenges
In all of these inflammatory conditions, clinical studies document the use of the enzymes in Medizym, providing strong evidence for its ability to safely maintain healthy CRP.

Acute Inflammation

  • Burns
  • Dental Surgery
  • Oedema
  • Hematomas
  • Injuries
  • Acute Otitis
  • Sports Injuries
  • Varizella Zoster

Chronic Inflammation

  • Diabetes (1 and 2)
  • Endometriosis
  • Glomerulonephritis
  • Leg ulcer
  • Lymphedema
  • Mastodynia and Mastopathy
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Periodontitis
  • Prostatitis
  • Rheumatoid arthritis (additive)
  • Side effect of Radiotherapy
  • Sinusitis
  • Thrombophlebitis
  • Urinary tract inflammation

In Europe, enzymes have been used in many clinical trials and is sold as a type of "drug" in pharmacies, in fact second only to aspirin in terms of sales there. But, again, this is not a drug. Think of Medizym as healthy support in addition to what your treating doctor might recommend. That's really how it is often best used.

How does Medizym reach all parts of the body?
As you will see, the enzymes bromelain, papain, trypsin and chymotrypsin are part of our nutrition. Normally, after ingestion, most of these enzymes would be disturbed in our stomach by acid environments and digestive enzymes. Proprietary technologies have made its possible for the enzymes from Medizym to survive in the highly purified form needed to benefit organs and tissue. Once stabilized in tablet form, the enzymes must be protected with an acid-stable film to withstand the gastric juices of the stomach, so that they can enter the upper intestine in a biologically active form where they were adsorbed.

How much of the enzymes are absorbed?
We know that even at best right now only five to ten percent of the ingested enzymes from Medizym reach the blood by persorption. That means that enzyme molecules pass the cell and between the cells to enter into the blood stream.

Some people react with heavy gas formations and diarrhea. In this case, the dose should be initially reduced. Noticeable is also the altered scent of the defecation. A further, often observed and surely very positive side effect is an advance in the general well being.

In principle, use of Medizym has no side effects; after all, the enzymes from Medizym are parts of our nourishment. There are, in fact, a few exceptions:

  • Individuals who are allergic to pineapples should not take Medizym because it contains bromelain which is derived from pineapples.
  • People who take blood thinners should consult their physician.
  • Hemophiliacs should not take Medizym.
  • Patients with pulmonary emphysema should not take Medizym.
  • Patients with thrombocytopenia (< 80,000) should not take Medizym.
  • Before surgery such as hip or gynaecological surgeries, it would be best to consult with your doctor before taking Medizym.

For general maintenance Medizym's recommended dosage is:
three (3) tablets, two (2) times per day.

During an acute inflammation, higher doses of about 6 to 10 pills 3 times a day are preferable. After 2 or 3 days, the dose then may be reduced to 6 pills 2 times a day and then reduce to 6 pills once a day.

During a chronic inflammation, a high dose of 6 pills 3 times a day for 2 weeks should be taken and continued with 6 pills 2 times a day.

Naturally Vitamins Medizym Systemic Enzyme Formula 200 Tablets

$44.95 $28.95 Our Price

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