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BioEntopic SeaTox Idebenone Evening Creme Triple Complex 2oz

$99.95 $49.95 Our Price

BioEntopic SeaTox Idebenone Evening Creme  Triple Complex 2oz THIS PRODUCT IS CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK

SeaTox® triple complex helps to relax the muscles, as opposed to paralyzing them with chemical injections. SeaTox® helps stimulate the skin fibroblast to rebuild the dermal matrix and resculpt the face skin. SeaTox® helps stimulate the contraction of collagen fibres for a natural face lift.

10% Argireline®: Argireline® (acetyl hexapeptide-3) is a non-toxic, anti-aging peptide, chemically combined from naturally derived amino acids. Argireline® reduces catecholamine release. Catecholamine is responsible for muscle contraction when we change our facial expressions. Through the years, the skin becomes tired from the repeated muscle contractions, giving way to wrinkles. By reducing catecholamine release, gradually a significant reduction in the depth and size of wrinkles are noticed and without the paralysis as with injections. Minimize fine lines and wrinkles without the expense ($400 per injection), the pain or side effects.

3% Matrixyl®: Matrixyl® (palmitoyl pentapepide-3) is a messenger peptide that stimulates the production of skin fibroblast to rebuild the dermal matrix molecules and significantly reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

3% Vitamin C Ester : Vitamin C, L-ascorbic acid, stimulates collagen production helping to minimize wrinkles. It is water-soluble, very acidic, irritating to the skin and breaks down rapidly because it is not stabilized. Vitamin C Esters are made of L-ascorbic acid joined with a fatty acid creating an ester bond. Vitamin C Esters stimulate collagen production plus it is fat-soluble, making it stable, non-acidic, completely nonirrating to the skin and offers maximum protection against free radicals at the precise spot that they do the most damage; the outside of the cell. The Vitamin C Ester tetrahexyldecyl ascorbate, achieves levels

10 times higher in the skin than L-ascorbic acid.

2% Red Algea Extract: Red Algea is a mild non-irritating acid free exfoliant that creates improvement in microcirculation and has a nutritive action with the oxygen supply to the skin.

1% Sepilift®: Sepilift® (dipalmitoylhydroxypropline) is a plant derived hydroxyproline that provides triple skin firming action. It stimulates the contraction of collagen fibres, protects elastin and protects fibroblast against free radicals. This triple firming action resculpts the face skin and corrects imperfections for a natural face lift. Studies of the effectiveness are based on a 1% level of Sepilift®.

1% CoQ10 (Idebenone): CoQ10 is a mineral that assists in the manufacturing of energy in every cell. Research shows it is a powerful antioxidant and gives vital anti-aging results by stimulating the immune system, increasing tissue oxygenation and effectively counteracts free radical damage. It works synergistic with vitamin C and E. CoQ10 has a bright yellow-orange color, giving the crème its natural deep yellow hue.

1% Retinol (Vitamin A): It was discovered that vitamin A crème reduced wrinkles, pigment spots and helped to reverse the damage from UV rays. First there was tretinon (Retin-A brand) Then there was retinoic acid (Renova brand). Both by prescription only. Both having side effects of irritating the skin.

Now there is retinol vitamin A that gives the results without the side effects and non-prescription.

0.50% Tocotrienol (Vitamin E): Traditionally when vitamin E is added to a cosmetic, tocopherol is used.Vitamin E in the form “tocotrienol” is 40 times stronger and more effective at repairing skin damage. Tocotrienol may also be listed as High Potency E or “HPE”.

0.20% Sepivital®: Sepivital® (dl-a-tocopheryl 2 L ascorbyl phosphate) is a Vitamin C Ester. It is a uniquely joined vitamin C with vitamin E and penetrates cell membrane so efficiently that it also gives anti-inflammatory benefits. Studies of the effectiveness are based on a 0.20% level of Sepivital®.     

Directions: Before bedtime, cleanse the face and the neck including the sides of the neck and behind the ears. Thoroughly apply crème to those areas. Avoid contact with eyes. Contains no sunscreen. This is a concentrated topical treatment. Use sparingly at first to determine correct amount of crème for the face type. May be used during the day.

External use only. As with any product, if irritation were to occur, discontinue use.

This product contains large amounts of high quality extracts that may alter the product color and vary the color from batch to batch. This in no way affects the potency or quality of the product.

 *Free of Fragrance

Compare CoQ10 (Idebenone) Anti-aging creams!

Prevage is manufactured by Allergen, Inc. It has 1% CoQ10 (Idebenone) and retails at $115.00 for 1 oz.

Bécarre   SeaTox® Triple Complex Crème is manufactured by BioCentric Laboratories, Inc. It has 1% CoQ10 (Idebenone) and suggested retail at $49.99 for 2 oz.

It also has 10% Argireline®, 3% Matrixyl®, 3% Vitamin C Ester, 1% Sepilift®, 1% Retinol,  in a Liposome Carrier System.

A triple complex CoQ10 crème, with twice the amount of product at half the price!

BioEntopic SeaTox Idebenone Evening Creme Triple Complex 2oz

$99.95 $49.95 Our Price

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