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SM Dry Eye Relief 10 mL

$11.49 $6.95 Our Price

SM Dry Eye Relief 10 mL

Eye Doctor recommended Similasan Eye Drops for Dry, red eyes stimulate the eye's natural ability to fight dryness and clear redness due to smog, stress, age, contact lens wear, etc.
Similasan Eye Drops provide Healthy Relief with no known side effects or drug interactions.

According to homeopathic principles, the active ingredients in this medication temporarily relieve minor symptoms such as:
    Dry eye Redness of eyes and lids
    Reflex watering secondary to dry eye
    Sensation of grittiness
    Sensitivity to light

In the production of Similasan homeopathic medicines, all active ingredients (originating from mineral, plant or animal) undergo the process of serial dilution. The result is a microdiluted concentration of the ingredient, and its dilution level is often represented by an "X." For example, an ingredient diluted to the level of 6X contains 0.0000001% of the active ingredient—just enough to jump start the immune system. This homeopathic mode of action is similar in theory to a conventional allergy or flu shot, yet the active ingredients in homeopathic products are much more dilute, and are therefore safe for all ages without known side effects.

You may ask why the ingredients, such as apis (honey bee), belladonna and mercurius are used as active ingredients? After all, those substances can trigger various symptoms when used in heavy concentrations. This is true. In homeopathy, however, the dosages are not concentrated enough to poison the body. In fact, the dosage level is only enough to cause the body to detect the presence of the ingredient and then react to it. The body then reacts by triggering the immune system to heal the underlying problem. For example, a microdilution of honey bee will trigger the body to fight symptoms such as burning, stinging and swelling. In many cases, the cause of such symptoms is an allergy, therefore the ingredient apis (honey bee) is used to treat allergies.

In summary, homeopathy is a completely unique way of treating ailments. Rather than imposing a chemical drug on the body with the hope of temporarily masking symptoms, homeopathic active ingredients attempt to stimulate a physiological reaction of the body's healing mechanisms. In other words, homeopathy encourages the body to maintain proper health by imposing a gentle stimulus.

Supplement Facts Purpose
Mercurius Sublimatus 6X
Belladonna 6X
Euphrasia 6X

dryness, redness
redness, inflammation

At American Nutrition we do our best to keep all label information and supplement facts as updated as possible, however we cannot be held responsible for labeling mistakes or changes.  ALWAYS READ THE ACTUAL PRODUCT BEFORE USING IT!

Other Ingredients:
  Borate buffer, sodium nitrate, silver sulphate (as preservative), purified water

Storage: Keep this product in a cool dry place.

Contains No Added:  Free of Sugar, Starch and Sodium.  No Artificial Colors

Suggested Use: For eye irritation, squeeze 2-3 drops into the eye and apply as needed.

Warning: For external use only. Initial exacerbation of symptons may occur. Use only if bottle seal is intact. Replace cap tightly after every use. To avoid contamination, do not touch the tip of the container to any surface. Discard open bottle after 30 days. Contact wearers: consult a physician prior to using.

Keep Out of Reach of Children.



SM Dry Eye Relief 10 mL

$11.49 $6.95 Our Price

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