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Pterostilbene Supplement

250 micrograms of Pterostilbene is equivalent to eating over 10 cups of blueberries

Pterostilbene is a derivative of Resveratrol, it is most commonly found in blueberries and grapes and has been used in Ayurvedic medicine. The method of extracting this compound enhances the berries natural health benefits, ingesting 250 micrograms of Pterostilbene is equivalent to eating over 10 cups of blueberries. Pterostilbene and Resveratrol are both stilbene compounds, closely related structurally, which gives them similar but not identical functions. Pterostilbene is antioxidant and an anti-aging supplement and has been shown promise for improving cardiovascular health, glucose levels, and cognitive function.

Pterostilbene has greatly improved oral adsorption and metabolizes more slowly in the body than Resveratrol, allowing more time for its antioxidant activities to take place. Scientists have found that this natural compound favorably regulates genes involved in the development of cancer, atherosclerosis, diabetes, and system-wide inflammation that can lead to a variety of age-related disorders.

Pterostilbene works in a synergistic fashion with Resveratrol to activate the 'longevity genes'. Research also indicates that the two can work well together and may provide a broader spectrum of benefits than supplementing with Resveratrol alone. Published studies on Resveratrol and Pterostilbene have established potentially effective doses of these biological compounds.

A typical cup of blueberries, for example, contains only about 20 mcg of Pterostilbene. Even in these tiny amounts, Pterostilbene is believed to provide some of the benefits related to ingesting these healthy foods. In order to significantly impact health, it is desirable to consume more Pterostilbene than what one would normally obtain from dietary sources. A dose of 3 mg a day of Pterostilbene provides the equivalent of eating over 140 cups of blueberries each day. Pterostilbene provides so much biological activity in a relatively small dose, that it is being added to Resveratrol and other supplement formulas today without significantly affecting the cost to the consumer.

"...Pterostilbene possesses lipid and glucose lowering effects." ~ J. Agric. Food Chem., 2005, 53 (9), pp 3403–3407, DOI: 10.1021/jf0580364, Publication Date (Web): March 31, 2005

“The more we study Pterostilbene, the more we see its huge potential in the human health field.”  ~ Dr. Agnes Rimando, USDA ARS.

"Pterostilbene showed strong inhibitory activity against a particular form of cytochrome P450, which may explain the cancer preventive property it demonstrated, but more studies are needed to explain this process.” ~ University of Medical Science in Poznan, Poland

“…Pterostilbene improved performance of aged animals in working memory after just three weeks.” ~ A Novel Method to Simulate the Genetic Effects of Caloric Restriction
By Tiesha D. Johnson, RN, BSN

“Dietary intake of Pterostilbene, a constituent of blueberries, inhibits the β-catenin/p65 downstream signaling pathway and colon carcinogenesis in rats.” ~ Oxford Journals, Life Sciences & Medicine, Carcinogenesis - Volume 31, Issue 7, Pp. 1272-1278

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