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Tribest Urban Rebounding: An Exercise for the New Millenium


Tribest Urban Rebounding: An Exercise for the New Millenium

Urban Rebounding: An Exercise for the New Millennium
By: JB Berns
174 Pages

(From Back Cover:)
The new millennium provides us with an opportunity for change. It is an occassion to reflect on the necessity of engagin in a deeper and more integrated relationship between body and mind. The system known as Urban Rebounding brings together the science of the West and the philosophy and practicality of the East, to form a holistic program of exercise in which people of all ages, sizes, shapes, and states of physical condition can participate.
"This is a workout like no other! I have been a fitness professional for over fifteen years, and JB Berns' Urban Rebounding is the best non-impact cardio-vascular workout that I have ever experienced. It's safe, effective, and most importantly fun! W have had the program at CRUNCH since September, 1998, and all classes are packed nationally."
-Donna Cyrus, National Group Fitness Director for CRUNCH Fitness International
"Urban Rebounding is the ultimate aerobic workout; full of energy and excitement and free of shock."
-Dr. Art Ulene, Television's Medical Expert
"Urban Rebounding was the most fun I've had working out in a long time. It's a great anti-stress workout; it doesn't stress your joints and it does de-stress your mind. Best of all it's just pure fun, which is what you need in a workout, so you keep coming back for more."
- Tish Hamilton, Managing Editor, FITNESS Magazine
"Urban Rebounding is as exciting way to add fun and intensity to any training schedule. Just ask our clients at Revolution Studios in New York."
Terri Walsh., CEO Revolution Studios, NYC
Creator and owner of Urban Rebounding, JB Berns has been a Master teacher in the martial arts for fifteen years. To improve balance, coordination and over-all wellness, he begain rebounding in the early 1980's. After years of experimentation and study, the group fitness exercise system of Urban Rebounding was developed.

Tribest Urban Rebounding: An Exercise for the New Millenium


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